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Christmas Tree Care Guide

Christmas Tree Care                          Guide


Real Christmas trees

Willerby Christmas trees stock the freshest locally grown real Nordman fir variety Christmas trees. With free delivery on every tree

Tree Caring Tips

christmas tree farm

Remember a christmas tree has spent its whole life outdoors

As Christmas trees are grown outdoors in the elements and has gone through lots of harsh winters and has had plenty of damp cold air and water to help them grow, when you first get your Christmas tree home and you want to make it your centrepiece, bare this in mind and try to not place next to a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace as this will dry the tree out and cause it to lose needles faster.


christmas tree been cut
Allow your tree to gain water and moisture

we recommend for your tree to remain fresh for as long as possible ( usually 6 - 8 weeks indoors ) to cut the bottom 1" off of the trunk so the tree is able to absorb water, when this is initially cut at the tree farm a barrier of sap is produced to protect the tree and this prevents water ingress, by removing 1" of trunk when purchased and placed in water the tree can keep hydrated as the sap will not cover the cut once in a water source.

watering a christmas tree

Keeping your tree hydrated

Now the cut has been made to the tunk always keep water at the base of the tree via pouring water into the stand ( make sure you purchase a stand with a reservoir to hold the water ) for your tree to drink the best advice is to treat your tree like you would a vase of freshly cut flowers water daily if needed to keep base of tree submerged.



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